In these uncertain times, anxiety and tensions are running high, increasing the risk of workplace violence throughout the country. Acts of violence, including active shooters, are the third leading cause of occupational fatalities within the United States. While healthcare professionals work tirelessly to keep patients safe, they are not immune to the risk of workplace violence. In fact, 75% of nearly 25,000 workplace assaults occur annually in healthcare settings.1

Since 2017, Evolv Technology has been working with various facilities to help protect all who enter from potential violent attacks. Our latest intelligent screening system deters and detects threats at entrances in a frictionless manner.



Evolv Expressis the world’s first and only touchless security screening solution that meets all of the post-pandemic security screening requirements. Express is up to ten times faster and far more accurate than metal detectors because it uses new sensor technology and artificial intelligence.

Using the Power of AI

Unlike traditional metal detectors, Express is powered by the Evolv Cortex AI™ Software Platform. This fusion of high-speed sensors and our AI software enables Express to identify threats in real-time without requiring visitors to stop, empty pockets, and remove bags.

Express automatically detects threats and enables real-time image-aided alarms showing guards precisely where the potential threat is on a person or in his or her bag. Doing so greatly reduces the amount of physical contact required between guards/personnel, those being screened and their personal belongings.

Evolv Express vs. the Traditional Metal Detector

Compared to traditional metal detectors, Express enables a smaller security footprint, an elimination of frustratingly long lines, the ability for guards to know exactly where the potential threat is, and a decrease of up to 70% in labor costs.

1. Physical and verbal violence against healthcare workers. The Joint Commission. Published April 17, 2018. Accessed May 3, 2019.


Our security experts can help.


Fast, Efficient Threat Screening

Screens 3,600 ppl/hr, 10X faster than metal detectors, for a line-free security experience.


Respectful and Touchless Experience

No stopping. No emptying pockets or removing bags.

easy to Operate

See in real-time where the potential threat is on a person’s body or in their bag reducing the amount of physical contact.


flexible deployment options

Express is for both indoor and outdoor screening. Easy to set up and move.


integration & analytics

Integrate into your broader security infrastructure, and use analytics to monitor entrant numbers and alarm rates.



Click on the image to download our infographic and learn about the public health benefits of Evolv Express.