Imagine screening your visitors and employees for both weapons and elevated temperatures in a respectful, expedient, touchless manner...

In today’s world, the need to screen visitors and employees for elevated body temperature in addition to traditional weapons screening is now a reality. Unfortunately, the antiquated screening technology and processes used by most venues are not capable of responding to changing requirements nor are they conducive to social distancing. For this reason, Evolv has developed and tested a thermal imaging capability to automatically screen visitors for elevated skin temperatures as a proxy for body temperature as they walk through the Evolv Express™ intelligent security screening system.

By adding a thermal sensor and the Evolv TempCheck™ software application to the Evolv Express weapons detection platform, visitors can be screened for elevated skin temperature in an average 2-3 seconds followed by immediate, frictionless, and touchless weapons screening. This initial elevated temperature alert provides venue personnel with the ability to direct anyone potentially showing elevated skin temperature to a secondary screening area or follow venue specific protocols.

Venues can now minimize the chance of their guards, employees, and visitors coming into contact with individuals presenting a potential health threat via a touchless, safe experience for all.

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Learn how to implement touchless temperature screening and weapons screening all at once.


icons_benefits_targeted_2020Real-time Rapid Threat Screening:
Facilitate high flow (800-1300 PPH) weapons and temperature screening in the dual-lane Express.


icons_benefits_frictionless_2020Touchless & Safe Experience:
Facilitate a touchless and distance-maintained approach for measuring visitor and employee temperatures to ensure a safe experience for guards, personnel and visitors.

Peace of Mind-03Confidence & Peace of Mind:
Detect high temperatures that might pose health threats in addition to weapons before entry to drive confidence as customers and employees return.


Optimization-06Space & Resource Optimization:
Through integration of temperature and weapons screening, facility space and resources can be optimized.


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The Evolv Digital Threshold™: Enabling Adaptability for Years to Come

The digital transformation is unlocking efficiency and value everywhere as organizations reimagine archaic processes and technology, better equipping themselves with interoperable and flexible capabilities. Evolv has reimagined physical security by combining the Evolv Express physical platform with the Evolv Cortex AI™ software platform creating the Evolv Digital Threshold™. The Evolv Digital Threshold uses networked sensors, centralized data stores, machine learning, workflow engines, and cloud analytics to streamline operations and support a better security posture. It provides venues with the flexibility to add additional sensors and applications such as the thermal imaging package, giving users the ability to adapt to new threats and needs over time.

Why Evolv

At Evolv, we are solving the people screening problem with today’s best technology and thinking, making it possible for venues of all kinds to keep visitors safe from concealed weapons, pandemic health threats, and intruders. Evolv Express with the add-on Evolv Thermal Imaging Package, is an intelligent digital platform that enables contactless weapons detection and elevated body temperature measurement with the ability to adapt to future threats before visitor entry, all while maintaining social distancing.

We have screened more than 50 million people for threats, stopping more than 5,000 weapons. Our advanced technology spots threats before they can do harm, restoring peace of mind to the visitor and employee experience. It’s people screening that’s intelligent, low-profile, and incredibly accurate.