GSX Live

Evolv's GSX 2021 Interview Series

This year at GSX, we captured live interviews with our founders, strategic leadership team members and partners to bring you insight into what we were hearing on the show floor, industry trends and best practices, Evolv product information and more.

Evolv Announces 100 Million People Screened

A New Standard Sets a New Milestone: Evolv Express Screens More than 100 Million People. Our mission at Evolv is to make the world a safer place to work, learn, and play and has been since we began. And, we have officially surpassed the 100 million mark in the number of people that have safely and seamlessly walked through our systems.


Dana Loof

Evolv CMO, Dana Loof, talks about her focus on newer technologies that are looking at the future of what security needs to be but can actually do it now - from detection to analytics and more.

Michael Ellenbogen

Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Mike Ellenbogen, talks about how Evolv is revolutionizing the front door, the "Digital Threshold" as we call it, bringing in new capabilities and new technology that not only makes the venue safer, but the visitor experience better and better over time.

Anil Chitkara

Co-Founder and Head of Corporate Development, Anil Chitkara, leaves you thinking about security in a whole different way as he talks about things we’ve seen since the pandemic. How do you take weapons detection and integrate it into the fabric of your venue? Listen to his insights.

A.J. DeRosa

CRO, A.J. DeRosa, discusses one main theme he’s seen at the GSX this year – taking an analog industry and making it digital. Listen to A.J. talk about how AI-based technology can not only provide great weapons detection but also provide data and analytics to make data-driven security decisions.

Lou Marciana, ED.D.

Evolv was lucky enough to have Lou Marciana, Director and Co-Founder of Innovation Institute for Fan Experience, stop by our booth at GSX 2021. Hear what he had to say.

Steve Morandi

VP of Product, Steve Morandi, talks about the intersection of venue security and the visitor experience introducing our newest release of Evolv Insights™ that provides security leaders with remote access to see stats on multiple systems and sites at the same time wherever they are.

Johnny Yang

Director of Analytics Product Management, Johnny Yang, talks about improving the experience for venue guards and the power of data captured at the threshold. Making it easier for guards to tag threats or benign objects on the alarm resolution tablets creates a suite of information that can be translated into the analytics - making it a full end-to-end solution.

Why Become an Evolv Channel Partner

Security Integrators work with Evolv for a number of reasons. We captured some of those reasons live at GSX 2021 when a few of our channel partners stopped by our booth. From Evolv's innovative mindset, to the fact that it's a digital threshold solution - hear why Evolv's channel partners believe Evolv has the people, process and products that their customers desire.


GSX 2021 - That's a Wrap.


We will change the way you think about security.

Visitors want to move quickly through security checkpoints at a seamless pace, knowing they’re well-protected everywhere inside your venue—while your security teams want the assurance that they can reliably pinpoint and stop threats. This shouldn’t be a trade-off.

A dialed in, coordinated security system is fundamental to your venue’s safety and success. Integrating screening within your security ecosystem simplifies the management of your security products and allows you to focus on the processes – ConOps, and people – guards, that help keep your visitors safe. Ensuring a frictionless guest experience while achieving unparalleled levels of security by detecting weapons at your entryways is the work of Evolv Express®.

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