Post-Pandemic Security Screening Requirements

The days of putting our phones and bags in containers handled by security guards are over.  

The pandemic has profoundly changed security screening requirements, especially for large venues and facilities. Most have been completely shut down and cannot re-open until they meet an extremely daunting new list of security screening requirements.

Pre-pandemic screening procedures relied on metal detectors, hand wands, and invasive bag inspections. This approach is now obsolete. It’s far too slow and manual, which results in unsafe crowding and dangerous physical contact. Adding standalone temperature screening slows the process even more. Security teams at venues and facilities are realizing that a fundamentally new approach is required.


The Solution: Touchless Security Screening with Evolv Express®

Spot weapons while ignoring harmless personal items.

Evolv Express® is the world’s first and only touchless security screening solution that meets all of the post-pandemic security screening requirements. Express is up to ten times faster and far more accurate than metal detectors because it uses new sensor technology and artificial intelligence.

Visitors walk right through at a natural pace while carrying their phones, bags and other personal items.


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Fast, Efficient Threat Screening

Screens 3,600 ppl/hr, 10X faster than metal detectors, for a line-free security experience.



Respectful and Touchless Experience

No stopping. No emptying pockets or removing bags.

Easy to Operate

See in real-time where the potential threat is on a person’s body or in their bag reducing the amount of physical contact.



Flexible Deployment Options

For both indoor and outdoor screening. Easy to set up and move.



Integration & Analytics

Integrate into your broader security infrastructure, and use analytics to monitor entrant numbers and alarm rates.


Using the Power of AI

Leveraging AI to instantly differentiate personal items from concealed threats.

Unlike traditional metal detectors, Express is powered by the Evolv Cortex AI™ Software Platform. This fusion of high-speed sensors and our AI software enables Express to identify threats in real-time without requiring visitors to stop, empty pockets, and remove bags.

Express automatically detects threats and enables real-time image-aided alarms showing guards precisely where the potential threat is on a person or in his or her bag. Doing so greatly reduces the amount of physical contact required between guards/personnel, those being screened and their belongings.

3 monitors_AnalyticsDashboard_v2

Data Analytics with Evolv Insights™

Imagine having the ability to easily access and visualize your security screening system performance, visitor flow, location specific performance and more.

Introducing Evolv Insights™, a powerful analytics dashboard accessible through the secure My Evolv Portal, providing security and operations professionals at venues and facilities the ability to comprehensively review, analyze and gather insights from their Express systems at various venue locations. This data consists of venue and entrance visitor arrival curves and counts, system detection performance, alarm statistics and comparisons across multiple business dimensions including sites, locations within sites, detection settings, time periods and more. Depending on your desired level of granularity, the data can be presented annually, quarterly, monthly, daily, or even hourly. Contact us for more information and a demonstration.

Evolv Thermal Imaging

Screen for Both Weapons and Elevated Temperatures in a Respectful, Expedient, Touchless Manner

In today’s world, the need to screen visitors and employees for elevated body temperature in addition to traditional weapons is now a reality. Evolv has integrated a thermal imaging capability to automatically screen visitors for elevated skin temperatures as a proxy for body temperature as they walk through the Evolv Express™ intelligent security screening system.

By adding a thermal sensor and the Evolv TempCheck™ software application to the Evolv Express weapons detection platform, each visitor can be screened for elevated skin temperature in an average 2-3 seconds followed by immediate, frictionless, and touchless weapons screening. While adding this package does reduce your throughput averages to approximately 800-1300 people per dual-lane Express, you are now provided an integrated, touchless health and weapons screening conop to optimize facility space and resources.

Express vs. WTMD_v2-06

Evolv Express vs. the Traditional Metal Detector

With the ability to screen 3,600 people per hour using only one system, whether you need to screen 3,600, 1,200 or even 400 people per hour, the difference in the number of systems and resources needed for your conop is evident.

Express enables a smaller security footprint, an elimination of frustratingly long lines, the ability for guards to know exactly where the potential threat is, and a decrease of up to 70% in labor costs.

About Evolv Technology

Evolv Technology is the leader in human security – providing touchless security screening that ensures safety without sacrificing the visitor experience – making the world a safer place to live, work, learn and play.

The company’s products spot concealed weapons and potential virus infection threats using advanced digital sensors and modern artificial intelligence that is incredibly accurate, discrete and delivers three to five times more throughput than older technologies.

Evolv Express® has earned such industry accolades as the 2020 Edison Awards™ and Campus Security & Life Safety magazine’s Secure Campus 2020 Awards. A member of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, Evolv’s customers include hundreds of top entertainment venues, stadiums, large-scale events, cultural landmarks, corporations, hospitals, schools and airports around the globe including Six Flags Theme Parks, Dr. Phillips Center, Lincoln Center, Biltmore Estate, Set Jet, Wynn Las Vegas, Georgia Aquarium, LL Bean and numerous others.

  • Evolv has screened more than 50M people
  • Evolv has prevented thousands of guns and other threats from entering venues.
  • Evolv’s products are in use worldwide.
  • Led by a team of security industry thought leaders with a track record for delivering first-to-market products, the company holds more than 100 patents
  • Only Evolv Express can screen more than 3,600 people per hour, eliminating the long lines of legacy weapons screening such as metal detectors, wands, and pat downs.
  • With Evolv Express, no stopping is required, no emptying pockets or removing bags – people simply walk through the entrance. 
  • Evolv Express is manufactured in the United States and has been tested, verified, and approved by numerous organizations across the United States.