It's Time to Go Touchless


Join us on July 15th at 1:00 PM ET for the webinar:
The Transformation of Security Screening

In the age of the touchless customer experience, security priorities have shifted beyond public safety to now include public health.


Todd Fasulo

Vice President,
Security, Corporate Investigations and Crisis Management

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Anthony Rivera

Vice President,
Guest Experience and Hospitality

Georgia Aquarium

Why Now:


In times of crisis, a customer’s interaction with a company can trigger an immediate and lasting effect on their sense of trust and loyalty. Offering a touchless experience is necessary to earn that trust and loyalty and build confidence. Recent changes in emotions, shopping patterns and social practices are important to note. 

  • 71% of all people 18+ are practicing social distancing, for those over 65 years old it’s even higher, reaching 84.7%, and for those between 35-44 it’s 58.9%.(1)
  • 74% report they are avoiding shaking hands, but those 35-44 again lag at 64.9%.(2)
  • Instead of 92 million traveling, it will be fewer than 30 million, with many travelers sensitive both to economic factors as well as cleanliness and sanitization levels.(3)

Without actually saying it, people are saying, “don’t touch me!

As people return to recently opened venues, they will evaluate their arrival experience along a continuum of touch – high, moderate or none. Modern entrances, with a smooth, touchless flow of screened visitors is what the customer wants – it’s literally the first step toward a healthy future for you, your customers and the venues they love.


Our desire to minimize physical contact is driving demand for touchless interaction. Widespread adoption of touchless technology in places we’ve never imagined is born out of necessity.


(1, 2)  Prosper Insights & Analytics

(3) University of Central Florida, Dick Pope Sr. Institute for Tourism Studies


About the Webinar:

The pandemic has changed the way we operate. The need for reduced contact and social distancing has become commonplace, with many organizations reviewing their security practices and reimagining the customer journey. The extensive and invasive use of pat downs, hand wands and manual bag checks, as well as secondary searches necessitated by the high number of nuisance alarms from traditional metal detectors, has been highlighted as a potential risk factor for re-opening venues, potentially even a non-starter. Touchless security screening is the "new normal."


Join us on July 15th to hear from Anil Chitkara, Evolv Co-founder, and several key early adopter customers who will discuss their lessons learned and best practices with implementing and using touchless security screening. Register now and stay tuned as we announce a speaker every few days.


A better customer journey starts here. It’s time to go touchless.


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