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It’s Time to Protect our Teachers – School Safety and Staff Mental Health 

Gun violence, shootings, and terrorist events are taking a mental toll on us across the country now. Anxiety has impacted our everyday lives. Our educators are on the frontlines, and scared. 1 in 3 educators reports that they have experienced a shooting at work/in a school setting. 

Educational leaders today are tasked with finding creative ways to operate their districts given the current—and growing—teacher shortage across the United States.  

Join our live discussion and unpack this critical issue, asserting that school safety and positive building climate are essential to protecting our teachers, individually and as a workforce. Educators are leaving the profession in staggering numbers, citing anxiety, fear, and sadness among the top reasons they choose to exit their careers early.  
This candid session will explore the raw nuances of teaching and serving as an administrator in schools today and, most importantly, present actionable solutions to protecting your staff.  

Live webinar highlights: 

  • Hear Jill Lemond share educators’ perspectives on how schools in Michigan are approaching campus safety 
  • See benefits of a layered approach from real-world experiences 
  • Watch a security expert walk thru a demo 
  • Take part in a live discussion - your current safety posture, any challenges you might be facing, and how security screening fits into your district’s plan. 

Date: Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Time: 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. CT
Location: Zoom link sent upon registration*

Jill Lemond


Jill is a proud member of the Evolv team after serving the Oxford Community Schools District for over twelve years, most recently as the Assistant Superintendent of Safety & School Operations. She has seen the power of community and learned invaluable lessons in school safety in the wake of an unthinkable tragedy. She joined Evolv because of our clear mission to keep weapons out of our schools. Jill strives to see the big picture while always returning the focus to students and learning. To best serve students, safety planning must be comprehensive and prioritize both physical security and emotional well-being. All stakeholders must be involved in the planning, training, and implementation of school security efforts. Emergency preparedness is truly a matter of life and death and our families and staff deserve safe schools.