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EPISODE 6 OnDemand

Post-CES Retrospective:  Breaking it Down - The Hits, the Misses and the Seminal Moments

Aired January 14, 2021 at 1pm ET

Technology shapes the way we live and work. Consumer trends continue to transform how business operates and employees collaborate. Often revealed at CES, the show is no longer just about gadgets, but about ecosystems of technology and about partnerships. CES products reveal where business technology is headed.

Bilal Zuberi, Partner, Lux Capital (and Evolv Advisor) joined us to talk about this year’s show. As a VC, Bilal looks for new ways of solving hard problems with a focus on both business and technical risk. Through the lens of his discerning eye, he dissected the CES outcomes, gave his point of view on what’s important, what’s seminal, and what’s a derivative of something existing – all in the context of digital transformation.  He also took some time to dive further into innovation as a whole and how it will vastly change the way we interact, secure venues and do business for years to come.

Bilal Zuberi


Lux Capital


The Digital Threshold

Enabling Adaptability for Years to Come

Digital transformation is unlocking efficiency and value everywhere as organizations reimagine archaic processes and technology, better equipping themselves with interoperable and flexible capabilities. Within the Digital Threshold vision, venues and facilities can intelligently use data to create a frictionless experience for guests and employees. The result is an entry process that enhances the overall experience instead of diminishing it as it so often does today. Making weapons screening faster and more precise is part of the Digital Threshold vision, but it’s just the beginning.