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Resilience is a Competitive Necessity: Learnings from 2020, Considerations for 2021

Took place December 17, 2020 at 1pm ET

The past nine months have taught us to expect the unexpected. We are all risk managers now.

The security landscape has changed forever – there is a continued increase in cyber threats, social unrest, violence, natural disasters and now pandemic and health security risks. 

Courtney Adante, President, Security Risk Advisory, Teneo and Jonathan Wackrow, Managing Director & Teneo Global Head of Security, had a candid conversation with Anil Chitkara, Co-founder, Evolv Technology about their learnings from 2020 and the key tenets we should each embrace in 2021 as we guide our organizations with an eye toward risk management. 

Under Courtney and Jonathan’s leadership, Teneo supports Fortune 500 clients with design and delivery of enterprise security strategy programs. Resilience is central, it's an organization’s ability to respond, recover and rebound from “acute shocks” and “chronic stresses.” The challenges of 2020 have made it abundantly clear that resilience planning is critical.

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Courtney Adante

President, Security Risk Advisory


Jonathan Wackrow

Managing Director & Global Head of Security



The Digital Threshold

Enabling Adaptability for Years to Come

Digital transformation is unlocking efficiency and value everywhere as organizations reimagine archaic processes and technology, better equipping themselves with interoperable and flexible capabilities. Within the Digital Threshold vision, venues and facilities can intelligently use data to create a frictionless experience for guests and employees. The result is an entry process that enhances the overall experience instead of diminishing it as it so often does today. Making weapons screening faster and more precise is part of the Digital Threshold vision, but it’s just the beginning.