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Trust and Confidence: The Foundation of Delivering an Exceptional Visitor Experience.

Aired Live on October 22, 2020 at 1pm ET

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For many, navigating the ups and downs of the past few months has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. Who better to hear from about earning trust and building confidence as key components of a healthy reopening than Jason White, Managing Director of Corporate Safety and Security at Hershey Entertainment and Resorts. Lessons learned and the go-forward plan developed to reopen one of North America’s most beloved amusement parks are rooted in creating an exceptional, worry-free, visitor experience.

After losing crucial months to the pandemic, Hersheypark
 reopened this summer. How did they reach the decision to reopen? How did the guest experience change as a result? How did the reopening perform relative to expectations? What are the lessons learned? Where do outdoor entertainment venues go from here? In this episode, guest experience and security leaders will share their experiences and lessons learned.

Jason White

Managing Director of Corporate Safety and Security

Hershey Entertainment and Resorts


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The Digital Threshold

Enabling Adaptability for Years to Come

Digital transformation is unlocking efficiency and value everywhere as organizations reimagine archaic processes and technology, better equipping themselves with interoperable and flexible capabilities. Within the Digital Threshold vision, venues and facilities can intelligently use data to create a frictionless experience for guests and employees. The result is an entry process that enhances the overall experience instead of diminishing it as it so often does today. Making weapons screening faster and more precise is part of the Digital Threshold vision, but it’s just the beginning.