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Safely Reopening New York's Arts Venues in a Pandemic
October 1, 2020 at 1pm ET

As NYC gets ready to invite tourists back to its landmarks, museums, performing arts venues and other iconic locations are reopening in a new way. How will the reopened museum experience be different from the pre-pandemic experience? How did these institutions approach their decision to re-open? What is their path back to normal operation? In this episode, leaders from three of New York's iconic arts venues will answer these questions and describe their course forward in this most challenging of times.

  • What are the key concerns you have heard from your staff and patrons as you developed your reopening plans? 

  • What are some of the specific changes you made at your venue for reopening? 

  • How are you using technology in different ways to enable a new and safer environment? 

  • The experience is such a carefully curated part of your visitors' journey to your venue.  How did you rethink the visitor experience as they enter your facility, from screening to ticketing?

Keith Prewitt

Chief Security Officer

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Lisa Schroeder

Director of Finance, Performance and Campus Operations

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Thomas Slade

Senior Security Director

American Museum of Natural History


The Digital Threshold

Enabling Adaptability for Years to Come

Digital transformation is unlocking efficiency and value everywhere as organizations reimagine archaic processes and technology, better equipping themselves with interoperable and flexible capabilities. Within the Digital Threshold vision, venues and facilities can intelligently use data to create a frictionless experience for guests and employees. The result is an entry process that enhances the overall experience instead of diminishing it as it so often does today. Making weapons screening faster and more precise is part of the Digital Threshold vision, but it’s just the beginning.