Evolv Express®

The New Standard for Today’s World.

Find out why Evolv’s technology has been used to screen more than 60 million people – second in numbers only to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA).


Free-flow and Touchless.

Not cumbersome and invasive. See what the next generation of security screening technology looks like. No stopping. No pat-downs. No bag checks.


Smart, Not Dumb.

See how the Evolv Express system’s AI differentiates between commonly carried, everyday items and a variety of threat objects, alarming only on those that actually present a threat.


Simple, Yet Sophisticated.

A future-proof system with an inviting design and powerful performance versus an outdated metal detector.


Evolv Technology provides touchless security screening that delivers safety without sacrificing the visitor experience.

Evolv Express® spots concealed weapons and other threats using advanced digital sensors and artificial intelligence. Our customers include L.L. Bean, Six Flags Theme Parks, Wynn Las Vegas, and hundreds more.