There is continued uncertainty around COVID-19 and its ongoing impact on businesses worldwide. As many of you plan to reopen and understand what this “reimagined normal” looks like, we will continue to offer our services and partnership to ensure you can provide a safe environment for all. This page provides resources related to government and venue guidelines as well as reopening trends and perspectives to help you and your staff navigate these unchartered waters.

In today's world, safety now means public safety AND public health. The Evolv Family has profoundly changed security screening requirements, especially for large venues and facilities. Please don't hesitate to reach out so that we can help you meet an extremely daunting new list of security screening requirements in order to reopen.


Guidelines & Resources

Reopening Perspectives & Trends

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Reimagining Recreation

Articles and trends related to: stadiums & arenas, convention centers, entertainment venues & concert halls, theatres, amusement parks and museums, tourist and outdoor attractions, and iconic structures.

12.09.20 - National Museum of African American Music to open next month

12.09.20 - How California’s latest lockdown impacts theme parks

12.07.20 - Spotify Donates $500,000 To Struggling Music Venues

12.04.20 - MANCHESTER To Gain COVID-Compliant Drive-In Theatre 

12.03.20 - Study to Examine Viewer Reactions to Streamed Gigs

12.03.20 - Ensuring guest safety at attractions: are vaccines bulletproof? 

12.02.20 - Mayfair mall announces specially trained K-9s will now patrol alongside security officers to detect firearms 

11.30.20 - Australian Museum reopens after A$57.5m Project Discover transformation 

11.30.20 - Newcomb Art Museum reopens to the public, releases virtual programming for final weeks of Bmike Odums’ exhibition 

11.29.20 - Trustus Theatre brings back crowds with new coronavirus precautions

11.27.20 - The Bahamas is reopening its two highest-profile resorts 

11.26.20 - Madrid's Wizink Centre to Reopen to 2,000 Attendees

11.25.20 - Colchester Zoo is reopening after lockdown on December 2 

11.20.20 - With COVID-19 measures in place, auto show will go on at Orange County Convention Center

11.17.20 - Queensland to Go 100% Capacity in Venues and Stadiums

11.16.20 - Resume operations? Try adapting with a meaningful strategy

11.12.20 - Physical security for large venues in the time of COVID-19

11.11.20 - Safely Reopening New York’s Art Venues in a Pandemic

11.10.20 - Leisure tourism recovering and undergoing digital transformation in Middle East

11.09.20 - How to Build Your 2021 Business Strategy in the Face of Uncertainty 
08.19.20 The Perfect Storm: Inside the UK’s Only Live Shows
08.16.20 First Mediterranean cruise sets sail after Italy’s coronavirus lockdown lifts
08.14.20 Museums and Other New York Cultural Institutions Can Open Aug. 24
08.13.20 UK's first socially distanced concert shows what the future of live music might look like
08.13.20 Is Covid-19 making airplane passengers more unruly?
08.11.20 The Future of Music: How Will Live Concerts Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic?
08.07.20 Social Distancing will be Prominent When Sporting Complexes Reopen
07.27.20 French Biz Pushes for Full Capacity Shows by September
07.23.20 D.Live Drive-Ins Attract 100,000 Fans
07.23.20 New $10 Billion Plan Proposed to Save Live Music Venues Across the US
07.21.20 Record-Breaking Attendance at Destinations International’s First Virtual Annual Convention
07.20.20 New survey says Americans are embracing reopened theme parks despite COVID-19
07.20.20 Concert Simulations Used to Restart Events in Germany
07.20.20 Delta Air Lines announces new health screenings for passengers who can't wear masks and asks them to consider staying home
07.17.20 Indoor Shows to Return to England in August
07.15.20 NRF Calls on Retailers to Set Nationwide Mask Policy
07.15.20 Mexico Embraces Drive-In Concerts
07.14.20 OCCC to Host Together Again Expo, Educating Events Industry on Safety Best Practices
07.14.20 1,000-Cap Standing Concerts Return to Germany
07.13.20 Japan Allows 5,000-Person Indoor Concerts
07.09.20 Here’s what visiting a theme park is like in the age of coronavirus
06.21.20 So Long, Salad Bar: Grocers get creative, Consider Robots to Revive Prepared Food Amid Pandemic
06.18.20 How COVID-19 Could Impact Theatre Design
06.17.20 Amid Confusion About Reopening, An Expert Explains How to Assess COVID-19 Risk
06.15.20 The New Rules of Social Distancing: Health Experts Answer Your Questions
06.15.20 11 Ways the Pandemic will Change Travel
06.01.20 New Orleans Restaurants Serve Up QR Codes for No-touch Menus in Coronavirus Reopenings
06.01.20 WHO Releases New Guidance on 'Mass Gatherings'
05.27.20 Planning a Visit to Las Vegas When Hotels, Casinos Reopen June 4? Here are the Rules You Need to Know
05.26.20 Security Guards Risk Their Lives by Asking Customers to Wear Masks
05.26.20 Six Flags Announces Extensive New Safety Measures for Reopening Parks
05.24.20 12 Takeaways from IAAPA’s Park Reopening Guidance
05.22.20 As the National Parks Reopen, Remember to #RecreateResponsibly
05.22.20 Food Service Matters develops plan to guide venues in resuming operations
05.20.20 Q&A: Agility and Planning for Multinational Pandemic Response
05.18.20 How Hotels, Convention Centers and Airlines will Keep Travelers Safe
05.11.20 Male Security Guards at High Risk From COVID-19, ONS Figures Show
05.08.20 Pathways Opening for Trade Shows in the U.S., Overseas with New Standards, Government Green Lights
04.17.20 DHS: COVID-19 is Changing Potential Terror Targets; Grocery Stores, Even Testing Sites Should be Vigilant


Reimagining Workplaces Image

Reimagining Workplaces

Articles and trends related to office buildings, hospital staffing, manufacturing locations and distribution centers to help workplaces reopen safely and stay open.

08.14.20 Safety Planning May Help Hospitals Manage ‘Worried Well’ Patients
08.13.20 COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of AI. Executives from Google Cloud, Suki and Olive spell out why
08.11.20 The Culture of COVID
08.11.20 EHS Today Exclusive: Safety Managers Show Preparedness for Ongoing Pandemic
08.10.20 Security’s Role in Civil Unrest
08.06.20 Businesses Are Eager for the Return of In-Person Events, Says Global Study
08.06.20 Reopening Offices Safely: NAIOP Offers Best Practices
08.05.20 Across Industries Workers Worried about Safety Dealing with COVID-19
08.03.20 How to Prevent Cyber Attacks During the COVID-19 Pandemic
07.27.20 Hospitals employ lessons learned in load balancing, supply chain as COVID-19 cases surge
07.23.20 COVID-19: The Rise in Domestic Violence - and How it Can Impact the Workplace
07.21.20 How is COVID-19 Impacting Healthcare Design?
07.21.20 Boards Face a Moment of Truth on Corporate Strategy
07.19.20 Virginia Poultry Workers See Victory In New COVID-19 Protection Rules
07.16.20 Burned Out by Videoconferencing? You’re Not Alone. Zoom Fatigue Is Real.
07.16.20 This City's Coronavirus Safety Measures Could Become Best Practices
07.08.20 3 Trends That Will Influence Healthcare as Staff Return to Work
06.26.20 Back to Work - Recovery from COVID-19 will require resilience as companies advance, retreat, adapt—and repeat as necessary
06.22.20 10 security changes post-COVID-19
06.05.20 How Tech Is Helping Offices And Public Spaces To Open Safely
06.04.20 Terror attacks feared ahead of Chinese workers returning to Indonesia
05.07.20 Covid-19 on the Mind: Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace
04.23.20 Workplace Violence Remains a Serious Issue
04.21.20 Best Practices When Implementing a Program for Taking Employee Temperatures During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Reimagining Education

Reimagining Education

Articles and trends related to schools including K-12, colleges and universities for planning when and how to reopen safely.

08.17.20 Teachers Call In Sick Due to COVID-19 Safety Concerns
08.13.20 Children and COVID-19: State-Level Data Report
08.10.20 97,000 children tested positive for Covid-19 in 2 weeks as more schools plan to reopen
08.06.20 ‘I Was a Little Scared’: Inside America’s Reopening Schools
08.03.20 What to know about sending your kids to college during the pandemic
08.01.20 A School Reopens, and the Coronavirus Creeps In
07.31.20 The Risk That Students Could Arrive at School With the Coronavirus
07.27.20 Here's What Back-To-School Might Look In The 'New Normal'
07.23.20 How to Keep COVID-19 from Negatively Impacting Learning Space Design
07.22.20 The Coronavirus and College Athletics: Which Schools Canceled Fall Sports?
07.20.20 Can essential child care during COVID-19 offer a model to schools this fall?
07.19.20 International Students Can Study In The U.S. This Fall — If They Can Get Here
07.17.20 NCAA President Warns 'The Data Point In The Wrong Direction' For Fall College Sports
07.15.20 New Report Says Schools Should Try To Reopen In Person For Elementary Students
07.15.20 Is School Safe? Will Districts Test For COVID-19? Answering Back-To-School Questions
07.14.20 Who is Open, Who is Not
07.13.20 Los Angeles public school district to remain closed in fall
07.09.20 What doctors should know as debate heats up around schools reopening in fall
06.29.20 Experts Weigh In: How to Reopen Schools Safely
05.26.20 Back to School? 1 in 5 Teachers are Unlikely to Return to Reopened Classrooms this Fall, Poll Says
05.08.20 What Back-to-School Looks Like in Other Countries Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Taking the Temperature on
Thermal Imaging

In this "new normal", COVID-19 is the biggest threat on virtually everyone’s mind. It “weaponizes” people and is changing the very fabric of our society while challenging our social norms driving a surge of interest for thermal imaging as a front line of defense. 

Given the vast amount of thermal imaging options, it is critical to understand what thermal imaging CAN provide…and what it CANNOT.

In our latest blog, VP of Product Management, Steve Morandi, walks you through important tips on what to look for, and discusses our latest innovations. 

Reimagining Recreation

COVID-19 has forced us to "reimagine" the recreation space. In our latest blog, Reimagining Recreation, our team has broken down key takeaways from Evolv's Adaptive Recovery Webinar last month.

Also in this informative piece, you'll find key considerations based on your customer’s journey to ensure a safe and fun reopening - from the time the individual approaches your venue or facility until they are inside and enjoying themselves.

Reimagining Recreation Blog

Customers in the News


The Buffet at Wynn Resorts Returns on June 18 With Ordered Dishes Served by Staff - the first buffet on the Strip to reopen.

Georgia Aquarium reopens their doors to the public on June 15 with limited attendance. This means you’ll get up close to the exhibits and not other visitors.

Wynn Las Vegas has implemented the industry standard in health safety protocols so that starting June 4th, you can visit with confidence.

BBJ Feature Story: Big Night owner Ed Kane: ‘It’s not a forever problem’ - Big Night is supporting their employees in every way they can and states "You have to be nimble and creative."

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts presented "Memorial for Us All: Yo-Yo Ma - Lincoln Center at Home". Now available to watch on their website. 

Community matters to Wynn Las Vegas. A core team of their chefs and culinarians have been preparing 1,000 boxed meals daily for Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada.

LLBean's Brunswick factory accepted a request by MaineHealth and switched gears to assemble masks out of the white nylon fabric typically used to line Bean dog beds.

Georgia Aquarium was back on @AnimalPlanet for Season 2 on Sunday nights!