Analyst Day Schedule

Analyst Day 2023 Schedule

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Analyst Day Final Presentation Content

Welcome & Introductions


Brian Norris
Evolv SVP of Finance and Investor Relations

Welcome & Introduction Slides


The Strategy & The Road Ahead


Peter George
Evolv Chief Executive Officer

Strategy & Road Ahead Slides

Driving Growth Through Innovation


Mike Ellenbogen
Evolv Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Driving Growth Through Innovation Slides

Building the Technology Moat


Alec Rose
Evolv Chief Scientist

Building the Technology Moat Slides

Capturing the Market Opportunity


AJ-DeRosa_2023 Betsy-Fallon_2023


A.J. DeRosa
Evolv Chief Revenue Officer
Betsy Fallon
Evolv VP of Customer Success

Capturing the Market Opportunity Slides

Case Study Kick-off


Jill Lemond
Evolv Director of Education
Former Assistant Superintendent at Oxford Community Schools

Case Study Kick-off Slides

Customer Panel


Brian-Schultz-2023 Otto-Benedict_2023
Brian Schultz
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Otto Benedict
SVP, Facility & Campus Operations
SoFi Stadium


Moderator: Anil Chitkara
Evolv Founder & Chief Growth Officer

Customer Panel Slides

Business Model Update


Mark Donohue
Evolv Chief Financial Officer

Business Model Slides

Executive Team Q&A


Moderator: Brian Norris
Evolv SVP of Finance and Investor Relations

Closing Remarks


Peter George
Evolv Chief Executive Officer



Evolv Analyst Day 2023 - That's a Wrap


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A dialed in, coordinated security system is fundamental to your venue’s safety and success. Integrating screening within your security ecosystem simplifies the management of your security products and allows you to focus on the processes – ConOps, and people – guards, that help keep your visitors safe. Ensuring a frictionless guest experience while achieving unparalleled levels of security by detecting weapons at your entryways is the work of Evolv Express®.

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